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What is Pocketly?

Pocketly is the ultimate on-the-go money-saving app, bringing you coupons, offers, and rewards when and where you need them most.

Out shopping? Just open up the app, choose a category, and we’ll show you a simple searchable list of all the relevant stores and offers near your current location -- directions and phone number included.

Deal hunting from home? Search for offers right here on our site before hitting the stores, so you know what to pull up when you reach the register!

How do I get the Pocketly app? Is it FREE?

It’s available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace. And no matter where you download it, it’s FREE!

Where can I use Pocketly?

We’ve got coupons and special offers from all over the United States!

Using Pocketly from Your Phone ...

How do I find out what coupons, offers, and rewards are available near my current location?

Just open up the app, select a category, and we’ll show you a list of all relevant nearby stores and offers. If you know what you’re looking for, you can also search by store or keyword.

Can I search for coupons, offers, and rewards near a different location?

For sure! Just click the search icon and you can browse for offers near any location you’d like.

How do I redeem a coupon, offer, or reward?

Just pull it up on your phone and show it to the cashier at checkout!

Will all stores accept mobile coupons, offers, and rewards?

Many will! A few may not. While we can’t guarantee that all offers will be accepted, we can tell you that more and more stores are accepting mobile coupons, and we’re partnering with more and more businesses to bring you exclusive offers created by the businesses themselves.

How do I keep track of my favorite stores?

Just select your most-visited location and tap the heart icon to start following it (you can also follow multiple locations)! Pull up the list of stores you’re following at any time by tapping the heart icon in the menu.

Using Pocketly from Your Computer ...

How do I find coupons, offers, and rewards available near a specific location?

Hit up the home page and enter a keyword or store and a location, hit “Search,” and voila! Or, you can search by category.

How do I keep track of my favorite stores?

Just click the “Follow” link or button whenever you come across one of your faves. Visit your profile page at any time to view the list of the stores you’re following. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be able to access your list when you sign in to the app as well!

How do I connect with my friends and other shoppers and savers?

Just visit the user’s profile and click “Follow.” You can visit your profile page at any time to see your list!

How do I redeem a coupon, offer, or reward?

If you find a coupon you’d like to use, just follow the store location where you’ll be redeeming it. When you open up the Pocketly app on your phone just tap the heart icon in the menu to access the list of stores you’re following. Select the store and you’ll be able to pull up the coupon quickly and easily!